Woodcutter's Brewing Collaboration

Woodcutter's Brewing Collaboration

During the coldest month of the year, we brewed a collaboration beer with our long time friends at Woodcutter's Brewing

This is the first time two local breweries have collaborated!  Yes, shocking, we know.  Not sure why it took so long, as our brewing community here (made up of 5 breweries no less) has always gotten along and helps each other out when we need it.  We suppose we've all just been busy, keeping our heads down and doing our own thing.  

Anyways, all of that has changed since we got together with Scott and Jamie to brew a fantastic beer at the awesome little brewery at Woodcutter's.  Big thanks to them (and James) for having our brew team on site and being amazing hosts! We always love to chat tricks of the trade with other brewers, especially while enjoying their beers.  



We thought we’d take a crack at a COLD IPA, because we are all IPA fans, live in the north, and it was January, the coldest month of the year.  Cold IPAs are newer on the beer scene, made popular in Oregon, but truth be told they are a bit of a wonky, crossover style between an ale and lager.  

The aim was to create a very crisp, dry and drinkable IPA using a Kölsch yeast, that ferments warm and helps accentuate hop flavour and bitterness while creating a crisp, lager-like character.  Some Cold IPAs also use lager yeast and ferment warmer for a similar effect.

We all decided on 100% pilsner malt for the recipe for its pale colour and clean pallet.  Scott likes to brew with Hammer Malt (out of Westlock, Alberta) as they are technically the closest malt house to the Yukon.  The malt bill was set to let the New Zealand hops (Rakau and Motueka) shine with their super zesty lemon and lime and sweet fruit character of pineapple, lychee and mango.  



The beer has turned out really great, with the fruit forward hops and a clean bitterness, it is way too drinkable for over 7.5% ABV.   Check out the little video about the project!


You'll be able to enjoy this beer on tap at Woodcutter's Blanket starting today,  as well as from their Woodcutter's Brewing Growler/Crowler Bar to go starting tomorrow:

Woodcutter's Brewery Hours: WED - SAT 3pm to 8 pm

Woodcutter's Blanket Bar Hours: TUES - SAT 3pm to 10 pm


We all had a great time brewing together and are stoked with the result, so this may be the start of more fun beer collabs with Woodcutter's Brewing in the future.